Fujifilm launches premium compact wide-angle APS-C digital camera

Fujifilm has announced the latest addition to the X Series lineup, the FUJIFILM XF10, a premium compact digital camera with a high quality FUJINON 18.5mmF2.8 fixed lens. Weighing only 280g, the XF10 combines simple touchscreen operation with superior image quality and versatile settings in a pocket-sized body, making it the perfect companion for photo enthusiasts and smartphone users alike. The body is equipped with a large 24.2 megapixel APS-C sized sensor used in cameras such as the FUJIFILM X-T100 (X-T100) mirrorless digital camera.

The XF10 features an 18.5mmF2.8 FUJINON lens (equivalent to 28mm on 35mm format) that ensures every image is sharp from center to edges. The optical design of the lens is perfectly matched to the sensor in the XF10, to ensure there is no compromise in quality due to the camera’s compact size. With the Digital Teleconverter function, the camera is capable of taking photos with equivalent focal lengths of 35mm and 50mm on a 35mm format.The camera is best suited for shooting everyday snapshots and landscapes when traveling. The 24.2 megapixel APS-C sized sensor allows the XF10 to produce high quality images in a wide range of settings.
The new FUJIFILM XF10 is the first X Series camera to offer the new SQUARE MODE, which allows users to switch to a 1:1 format with a single flick of the touchscreen. The buttons and dials on XF10 have been positioned to enable easy operation. The rear LCD monitor features a touch panel that can be intuitively operated for simple, comfortable operation. In addition, both 4K movie and Full HD high speed video are available on the XF10. The camera weighs 280g with card and battery and will be available in August for approximately $500.

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