8 Actionable Surveillance Cameras Tips That Work like a Charm

We live in a world where we have to contend with all manner of crime.   Some may not have an immediate impact on you, for example, white collar crimes.  However, there is a rise in burglary cases all over; a cursory look at the statistics will shock you. 

Video surveillance is one of the best home security systems you could install to safeguard your home and property. A CCTV system will allow you to capture relevant information that the police could use in case there is a breach on your property.  You, however, need to take good care of it; otherwise, it will be of no use to you.

We will share with you eight actionable surveillance camera tips, which allow you to maintain your equipment in good working order.

1. Position The Camera Correctly
Buying the right video camera is essential. You also need to position it well.  Ensure that you place your camera in a way that gives it an uninhibited view of the area.  Remove any obstruction by taming your landscaping, pruning the trees, removing birds’ nests, among others.

2. Mount The Surveillance Camera Correctly
 Proper mounting of the camera is essential.  You do not want a situation where there is a strong wind, and it starts moving.  If you mount it above the doorway, the constant opening and closing of the door will result in some vibration.  Not only will the movements potentially damage the camera, but you will not be able to get any usable footage.  Clear any branches that could brush against or hit the camera. 

3. Keep It Clean
Having clear lenses is one of the essential tips if you hope to keep your camera in good working order.  Clear lenses are especially important for the cameras that are outdoors.  There is a lot of dust, grime, streaks from water, among others.   

If your camera lenses are not clean, you will not be able to get clear footage.  Avoid the need for intensive cleaning due to dirt build-up through simple routine maintenance. Sometimes all you will need is a piece of cloth and a lens cleaner. You can purchase these at the local stores.

4. Keep It Dry
 Ensure that the camera housing is waterproof. You need to be especially careful about any camera that you will use outside.  Occasionally get out your tools, open the camera housing, and check for condensation or any sign of water.  If you find some, look for a way to waterproof it further.

5. Maintain the Cables
 It is crucial that you do the cabling correctly.  Unless it is your core area of expertise, we will recommend that you let a professional install the video surveillance for you.  If you do not make the proper connection, the camera will not work.  You may end up spending a lot of money trying to find out what the issue is.  The problem could be as simple as the wrong cable in the wrong place.

 Once the experts leave, though, you will have to take over the necessary maintenance.  Maintenance will require that you check for any wear and tear.  If you find any wires that are rusting or exposed, replace them immediately. 

6.  Use Your Storage Wisely
Depending on the type of surveillance camera you have, you will get a specific amount of storage.   Even if you have 1TB storage, it will get full due to the continuous recording action. Look at the footage and delete what you do not need. The other option is to back-up on external storage. 

Alternatively, set your video surveillance camera to only record when it detects motion.  Motion recording will help you save on storage space.

7. Replace Whatever Needs Replacing
You will need to replace certain parts due to normal wear and tear.  Such components include the housing, lenses, and mounting brackets, among others.  Sometimes you may have to replace the whole system.  

 If you start to notice that the quality of the images is not good, it could mean that the camera needs replacing.   Do not wait for it to die before you get a new one altogether.

8. Consider Professional Maintenance Once In While
Proper video surveillance is not cheap, and you will not want to lose its functionality because you did not take due care.  Consider having a professional come in at least once every year to give it a thorough check.  While you may need to part with a little money for the technician’s time, it will, however, cost you so much more to repair or replace the camera. 

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Final Thoughts
With the above tips, keeping your video surveillance camera in good working order is not difficult.  With some routine primary care, you will get years of usage from it.  While you can comfortably handle most of the tips above, for some, we would suggest letting the experts to their jobs when it’s necessary.

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