Mamiya makes medium format camera systems more affordable

Mamiya today announced the first step in a global campaign to offer up-and-coming photographers creative freedom beyond their DSLR cameras. Following successful test marketing in the United States, Mamiya has announced that three of its popular medium format camera systems — the Mamiya DM 22, DM28 and DM33 — are now available worldwide at affordable prices. All three popular medium format camera systems feature the Mamiya 645DF camera body, proven digital back technology from Leaf Imaging, and Phase One Capture One software, the powerfully precise and flexible raw processing and image editing application. Mamiya customers also enjoy a wide range of lens choice — more than 15 different lenses, including lightweight focal plane lenses and the new leaf shutter lenses designed in Germany by Schneider Kreutznach, which offer flash synchronization of up to 1/1,600 per second

Technical highlights include superior performance data, such as high resolution, richly detailed files up to 190MB 16bit TIFF per image. Each system features the largest medium format touch screen display (6x7cm) available for simple handling. The Mamiya DM 22, 28 and 33 medium format digital camera systems are available now. The Mamiya DM22 digital camerais available at a retail price as low as $9995.