BenQ Full HD M11 Camcorder simultaneously creates a high-definition as well a compact version video file

The latest BenQ pocket-size 1080p Full HD M11 Camcorder is packed with features such as a 10MP CMOS sensor; 5x optical zoom and 3.0” 16:9 touch-screen display. Viewing experience on the BenQ M11 is exceptionally flexible; actions on the videos can be slowed down to as little as 1/64th of the original speed, or sped up by up to 64 times when filmed at the resolution of 432×240. One of the prominent functions in M11 is the Time Lapse Recording feature. BenQ M11 allows users to create magnificent video works with this handy feature, engrossing clips of actions slowly being unfolded can be captured. Watch a flower bloom, a rainstorm approach, a city’s dusk till dawn. Videos recorded in this mode can be quickly viewed and take up little storage space. Another proud feature for the M11 is the dual stream recording, built-in with its users in mind. It simultaneously creates two different video files as videos are being filmed.

One can be a high-definition version for a luxurious viewing experience on a widescreen TV, whilst another can be a compact version for uploading and sharing on the web. No more tedious conversions or slow uploads! The 3 sec pre-recording feature on BenQ M11 saves the video for the three seconds before the user actually pressed the record button. The BenQ M11 will be available in China and Asia Pacific in October, and Latin America in November.