BenQ Touchscreen Camera LT100 captures thirty frames a second at 640×480 resolution

BenQ announced today the release of BenQ LT100 digital camera, a debut of its new touchscreen LT camera series. Targeting first time female camera owners, the attractive 14-megapixel BenQ LT100 digital camera features a spacious 3-inch LCD touchscreen, a 26mm wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom, high sensitivity of up to ISO6400 and a full range of image enhancement features – all beautifully encased in an eye-catching seductive red metal casing. Users can take clear, sharp images by simply tapping on the object on the 3-inch LCD screen to focus and let go to capture the image, circling a specific part of the image to get a swift automatic zoom or swiping their fingers across the screen to view photos or thumbnails.

BenQ LT100 provides users features such as Panorama, Color Accent, LOMO, Fisheye and My Drawings modes. Another amazing feature this 26mm wide-angle camera has the Speedy Burst – with a press of button, this nifty little thing captures thirty frames a second at 640×480 resolution, with automatic focus (based on the first image) – Perfect for fast-moving action scenes for users to choose the best shot from, or to safekeep and savour every single moment of the sequence. BenQ LT100 is available worldwide.