Bonzart Ampel twin lens reflex type digital camera reminds you the classic twin reflex camera by Rollei

GLOBAL•DC, Japan showcased the new 5-megapixel toy camera Bonzart Ampel at the CP+ 2012. The twin lens reflex type camera reminds you the classic twin reflex camera by Rollei. Just like the matte focusing screen at the top of the Rollei camera, here you have the 2-inch color LCD monitor with a pop-up hood surrounding it, for taking photos. The lens can be switched in two different ways to take photos. You can shot pictures in normal and narrow mode.

The Bonzart Ampel can record movies also. You can take pictures in different color modes- Standard, black and white (high contrast), Sepia and Vivid. The color mode and shooting mode dial are on the right side of the camera.

You can use optional conversion wide, macro, fish eye lenses for more dramatic photos.The camera will be available by late April in Japan for approximately 14,700 yen ($190).

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