Canon developing a high-zoom-ratio long-focal-length field broadcast field zoom Lens supporting 4K production

Canon_bctv-4k-lensCanon announced today that it is currently developing a high-zoom-ratio, long-focal-length field zoom lens that provides superb imaging performance for use with 4K-capable broadcast cameras featuring 2/3-inch sensors. In addition to offering a high level of imaging performance supporting 4K-resolution video capture, the new lens will feature specifications and a body size that help facilitate a high level of operability and ease of use on par with Canon’s HD broadcast lens models, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including sports and live concert telecasts.

The Canon 4K field zoom lens is being developed as a new model in Canon’s DIGISUPER series of studio and field broadcasting lenses, which have garnered high acclaim from professionals in the industry. Details regarding product specifications and pricing are yet to be announced, however, Canon is aiming to market the 4K field zoom lens in late 2015. Canon will exhibit a prototype of the 4K field zoom lens at the 2015 NAB.

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