Canon developing a compact multipurpose module camera – MM100-WS

Canon announced today that the Company has committed to a proposed new imaging solutions business that will leverage the optical and sensor technologies the Company has cultivated over many years. As the first step in establishing this business, Canon is developing a compact multipurpose module camera that the business will employ: the MM100-WS. The MM100-WS achieves a compact body size of approximately 40 mm (w) x 40 mm (h) x 21.6 mm (d). The camera also realizes a highly customizable body designed to accommodate upcoming modules that enhance dust and moisture resistance and durability needed for a wide range of applications. The camera is capable of image capture in low-light environments with as little as 1 lux of illumination. Canon will also make available upon request the Application Programming Interface (API) for the MM100-WS, enabling users to utilize the camera for a wide range of solutions.

Thanks to its compact body and high scalability, the MM100-WS is ideal for such professional and industrial applications as monitoring narrow spaces, piping inspections, automotive-use cameras, video content creation and as a support tool for a wide variety of occupations. Going forward, as part of the proposed creation of this new imaging solutions business that utilizes the MM100-WS, Canon will develop and make available various modules, accessories and software for the camera to facilitate the customization demanded by users for a wide range of applications and scenarios. Canon plans to display the camera as a reference exhibit at the Canon booth at various future events.

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