Canon DreamLabo 5000 High-Speed Inkjet Printer can print a 20-page A4-size Photo Album in just 72 seconds!

Canon U.S.A., today announced Canon’s inaugural entry into the production photo printing market with the launch of the DreamLabo 5000 production inkjet printer. The Canon DreamLabo 5000 features a newly developed high-density FINE print head enabling the printing of output up to 12 inches wide. The new FINE print head additionally delivers high-speed One-Pass Printing, requiring only a single pass of the printing paper while the print-head remains in a fixed position. When used in combination with the time-saving automatic double-sided printing function, a standard feature included in the printer, the DreamLabo 5000 is capable of printing the contents of a 20-page A4-size (8.27″ x 11.69″) Photo Album in just 72 seconds.

The Canon DreamLabo 5000’s Double Ink Tank System temporarily stores ink from the main tanks in buffer tanks, allowing users to replace ink tanks while the printer is in use. A Double Paper Magazine System makes the replacement of paper rolls possible without interrupting printing jobs. The Canon DreamLabo 5000 production inkjet printer is expected to be available starting in early 2012.