Canon launches New FS-CF and FS-CF Pro Portable Compact Flash DTE Recorders

Canon today announce the FS-CF and FS-CF Pro portable Compact Flash DTE recorders offering HD video recording to Compact Flash (CF) cards for Canon’s line of HDVi camcordersii and Mini-DViii camcorders. The new Focus Enhancements FS-CF units support 1080 24F, 25F and 30F, 50i and 60i frame rates in both QuickTime and M2T file formats. Additionally, 1080i 60 and 50 are supported in the MXF OP Atom formativ.The new Cano FS-CF Pro DTE recorder provides additional features such as video playback on the unit’s color LCD, MPEG-4 proxy file generation, wireless metadata logging, and much more.

The Focus Enhancements FS-CF and FS-CF Pro DTE recorders are ideal for professional cinematographers and videographers looking to upgrade their existing Canon HDV equipment to a seamless file-based workflow. Dual-recording onto tape and CF cards provides valuable backup footage on separate media. Canon FS-CF and FS-CF Pro are available approximately for $995 and $1,295 respectively.