Casio announces Exilim digital cameras EX-TR15 and EX-TR10 with self-portrait shutter button

Casio announced today the release of its latest amazing self-portrait gear, the two new Exilim digital cameras, EX-TR15 and EX-TR10. These cameras are equipped with Skin Brightening Mode for even more beautiful photos of people and are designed to make taking self-portraits easier than ever before by delivering a whole new shooting experience. The new Exilim digital cameras EX-TR15 and EX-TR10 are designed to look beautiful from any angle. They also add a new function called Skin Brightening Mode to Make-up Mode, which makes skin look even more clear and beautiful.

casio_exilim_EX-TR15 VP
The two new Exilim digital cameras are designed to make taking self-portraits easier than ever before. This was accomplished by adding a self-portrait shutter button to the frame, which makes it simple to press while holding the camera frame with one hand.
Also, the EX-TR15 comes with Wireless LAN, enabling users to control the camera remotely using a smartphone. This makes it possible for users to angle the camera any way they like, including side angle, front angle, and back shots, and then take a photo at the timing and pose they desire. Both models are equipped with a three-inch, high-resolution 920K pixel display, which is also an electrostatic touchscreen, to ensure smooth operation. The EX-TR15 is available in vivid pink, white and black, and the EX-TR10 is available in special pink, white and blue.

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