Casio TR mini Camera TR-M11 Features Multiple Lighting Effects for Taking Selfies for Social Media

Casio announced today the release of a new TR mini camera under the TR brand of digital cameras – the TR-M11. The Casio TR brand of digital cameras is very popular among Japanese for capturing beautiful self-portraits.TheTR-M11 offers a photo environment that is like having your own dedicated make-up artist and being in the studio of a professional photographer and it delivers lighting effects that enable the user to capture memorable and flattering self-portraits for social media. Casio TR-M11 is a camera that is conceived around the concept of taking photos that will be popular on SNSs

The TR-M11 camera is equipped with nine LEDs in total: eight around the lens and one below the LCD. The multiple LEDs work together with Casio image processing technology to make the most of the lighting effects, delivering beautiful self-portraits with flattering effects that make the skin look bright and fresh, and sculpt or slim the face. Furthermore, you can change the pattern and intensity of the illumination according to the situation or the style of the photo you want to take, giving you the control you need to achieve the perfect lighting for your beautiful and creative selfies.
The camera is set to take square portraits, thus eliminating the need to crop rectangular images and making it perfect for social media. The shape of TR-M11 resembles that of a makeup compact case, with a clamshell design that opens up so that the user can compose the image, like checking a mirror. The sleek camera fits in even a diminutive palm for maximum portability.
The TR-M11 camera performs a three-dimensional analysis of your skin in the area surrounding moles to remove them from the image in a way that looks so natural, no one will ever know they were there. Casio has developed a new user interface specifically for the TR mini series. The main features can be accessed just by swiping the screen, while colorful icons and simplified menus make the camera fun and intuitive to use.
The TR-M11 creates whole new photo-taking possibilities for a broader group of users. The design of TR-M11 allows you to easily carry it with you wherever you go, and to take selfies as you envision them at any time. You can also express yourself in even more individualistic and creative ways. By offering the Handy Beauty Studio as a personal tool, Casio supports all women who have made selfies a part of their daily lives.

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