Ecofriendly waterproof disposable digital camera with LCD monitor and flash

Plaza Create Co., Japan has launched recyclable waterproof digital camera ECO digi Mode. The camera is available in limited sales outlets in Japan. The 3 million-pixel camera with 2.4 inch LCD monitor comes with built in flash. You can use the camera up to 3m depth and can shot up to 50 images. Other features include date impression and fast recyle-10 seconds between shots. After all the images are transferred to a CD, the DPE shop CD and erases all the data before the camera is send for recycling. The LCD monitor and flash unit is used again in the next camera.

The waterproof digital camera ECO digi Mode measures 120 × 53 × 71mm weigh 245 g and is available in Japan for approximately 1,980 yen $18).