Epson Ultimicron equipped as standard in Olympus VF-4 electronic viewfinder

Epson today announced that its Ultimicron electronic viewfinder technology has been included in the Olympus VF-4 electronic viewfinder scheduled to go on sale in late June 2013. Ultimicron has now been selected by Olympus as standard in electronic viewfinders for the third time, after the VF-2 and OM-D Micro Four Thirds cameras. Based on a single Epson HTPS TFT color LCD panel, Ultimicron achieves superb full-color images with supreme levels of detail and sharpness. Using Ultimicron, photographers can focus expertly, reproducing rich color gradations and natural blurring when required.

In addition, the use of a color filter prevents the color break-up that can occur with other color systems when shooting fast-moving subjects and while panning. Measuring 0.48 inches diagonally, the Ultimicron offers XGA (1024 x RGB x 768), 2.36 million dot resolution, and 520 cd/m2 surface luminance. These specifications allow the creation of the easy-to-see viewfinder strongly demanded by serious camera users.

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