Fujifilm announces Image Processing System IS-100 for digital motion pictures

Fujifilm is to launch the on-set color management system Image Processing System IS-100 (To be marketed under the name CCBOXX in North America) in late April 2012 in North America and after July in Japan. The system enables high-precision color management in digital motion picture shooting of feature films, TV shows and commercials. With the full-scale proliferation of digital cinema cameras, today’s motion picture production widely involves digital editing that incorporates computer graphics and VFX processing. However, with the use of a diverse range of equipment and software, it is extremely difficult to achieve uniform color management throughout various stages of digital editing such as image processing and color adjustment. IS-100 is the first on-set color management solution for digital motion pictures, compliant with the ACES specification developed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Fujifilm’s proprietary technologies for color reproduction and color management nurtured in the fields of motion picture films, photography and printing have been applied to enable on-site color adjustment in a high degree of precision.

It consists of a hardware unit that delivers high-speed and high-precision image processing and an accompanying iPad app. The system accurately presents the colors that would appear on cinema screens on the on-site monitor, and offers intuitive operations to easily adjust the tones, saturation, contrast and other details by using the iPad as a controller. The on-set capability for color correction, which is normally handled in post-production, is expected to bring innovation to the processes for motion picture production.

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