Fujifilm Announces New Compact EF-60 Speedlight and EF-W1 Wireless Commander

Fujifilm today announced the launch of the shoe mount Flash EF-60 and the Wireless Commander EF-W1.The EF-60 is Fujifilm’s first radio-controlled wireless shoe mount flash that packs an impressive output power and multiple functions into its compact body. It supports radio-controlled wireless flash, allowing users to be more creative in a wider range of conditions. It boasts a powerful output with the maximum guide number of 60. The output can be precisely adjusted to add dimensions to various situations with light and shade for accentuating the main subject matter.

The EF-60 offers the illumination angles to cover the focal lengths of 24 – 200mm. When the built-in diffuser panel is used, the angle is expanded up to 16mm in focal length. The flash also has the Auto Zoom function, automatically adjusting the illumination angle according to the view angle of the mounted lens, thereby preventing light falloff at the corners and providing appropriate brightness.

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In the TTL mode, the EF-60 automatically adjusts light output according to the flash’s distance from the subject, aperture value, ISO sensitivity and other settings, making it easier than ever to enjoy flash photography and produce high-quality images. Users can also choose to use the Manual mode for precise manual control over light output, enabling versatility in photographic expression. The EF-60 offers the High Speed Synch function, enabling the use of the flash in a fast shutter speed up to 1/8000 seconds.

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The flashhead can be manually angled 180 degrees left-to-right and 90 degrees upward so that the light can be bounced off a ceiling or wall to create indirect lighting, which provides natural lights to capture the subject’s facial expressions and the ambience of the scene with greater nuance. The EF-60 compact hot-shoe mount flash measures 97mm x 73mm and weighing just 300g despite its powerful output.

The EF-60 speedlight is available to pre-order for $400 and EF-W1 wireless commander for $200. The shoe mount flash EF-60 and EF-W1 wireless commander will be available in late August 2020.