Fujifilm announces new Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function to capture and generate the world’s highest resolution of 400MP images

Fujufilm today announced the development of a new function Pixel Shift Multi-Shot for the FUJIFILM GFX100 (GFX100), mirrorless digital camera with a Large Format sensor (102MP Large Format sensor).The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function can capture and generate 400MP images, the highest resolution in the world, with advanced color reproduction accurate to real tones, making it ideal for digitally archiving artworks, architectures and other cultural assets. Fujifilm today also released a free firmware upgrade (Ver.3.00) for the GFX100 and free software FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner (Pixel Shift Combiner) to enable the use of the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function.

The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function automatically records 16 frames with a single shutter release, shifting GFX100’s image sensor at ultra-high precision at each frame. The GFX100’s IBIS mechanism is used to precisely control the movements of the image sensor. Then, the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function produces single 400MP image, the world’s highest image resolution, from these frames using new dedicated software Pixel Shift Combiner.

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Generally,an image sensor records only red (R), green (G) or blue (B) information with each of its pixels. Information about the other two colors is estimated and complemented based on information from surrounding pixels. The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function automatically takes images while shifting the camera’s image sensor to record information about all three colors for each of its pixels, thereby allowing accurate color reproduction and delivering an advanced level of image resolution to capture the finest details.

Pixel Shift Combiner is used to process captured data into a single RAW filein the Digital Negative (DNG) format. These RAW files can be processed in the Capture One photo editing software to create images in TIFF and other universal formats. Fujifilm has developed the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function to broaden GFX100’s scope of applications to cover digital archiving as well as general photography. The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function is ideal for digital archiving, as it can photograph colors, textures and other fine details of a wide variety of items including precious cultural assets to present them accurately, even the atmosphere they exude.

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Pixel Shift Multi-Shot is achieved by the consecutive 16 frame shooting consisted of the following two processes. In order to record the accurate RGB pixel information with all pixels, the function shifts its image sensor by the size of one pixel to automatically shoot four frames to each pixel area.