Fujifilm Announces World’s Highest Magnification Broadcast Portable Lens for 4 K Video Productions

Fujifilm will launch the world’s best zoom as a portable lens for 4K video production at 46x – FUJINON UA46x9.5BERD (UA46×9.5) in January 2019. By adopting a “multi-group zoom method,” which moves multiple lens groups to zoom, as well as precision formed large aperture aspherical lenses, a 46x zoom has been realized, the world’s best zoom for a portable lens for 4K broadcasting. Out-of-focus blurring during zooming, which often occurs with high magnification zoom lenses, can be suppressed to the minimum for clear shooting across the entire zoom range. The FUJINON UA46x9.5 covers a focal length from 9.5mm to a high magnification of 437mm.

The new UA46x9.5 lens features an anti-vibration mechanism based on the proprietary “ceramic ball roller system.” Using precision formed ceramic balls for the drive section reduces frictional resistance when preventing vibration to the greatest extent possible and accurately corrects image blurring caused by wind or vibrations without time lag. The lens comes with a 16-bit encoder, capable of making a high-resolution output of lens data including zoom and focal position information. It can be linked with various other systems such as a virtual studio system for combining CG images with live action footage. The lens measures φ146.5 x 345.8mm (φxLength) and weighs approximately 5.7kg (without Lens Hood).

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