Fujifilm unveils world’s first vari-focal lens to support a 6-megapixel high resolution security camera

Fujifilm will release a new vari-focal (variable focal length) lens FUJINON DV2.2×4.1SR4A for security cameras in late May. This is the world’s first vari-focal lens that offers advanced optical performance for compatibility with 6 megapixel high resolution security cameras. When mounted on a high resolution security camera, FUJINON DV2.2×4.1SR4A can capture and record security footage with the finest details at the high resolution of 6 megapixels. The lens can have its focal length adjusted anywhere between 4.1mm and 9mm (2.2×) at the time of camera installation to support security monitoring from various angles.

Its Day / Night design that supports near-infrared wavelengths gives the lens an ability to capture clear high-resolution footage even at night for broad applications both indoors and outdoors. This product is available with the CS mount for box cameras widely used for security cameras as well as in the module type for built-in camera application. The module-type lens can have the iris (aperture) and zoom controlled with a motor to enable remote focus adjustment.

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