Fujitsu Develops World’s First Practical-Use Technology that Ensures Authenticity of Digital Video Clips

Fujitsu announced today the development of the world’s first technology that makes it possible to ensure that digital video data recorded over long time periods and then stored and managed in segments, or clips extracted from the video, are actual parts of the original video and that the segments have not been falsely manipulated, while at the same verifying the time that the video data was recorded. This new technology makes it possible to ensure that when portions of video – such as from 24-hour surveillance cameras – are public disclosed, that the video data segments have not been tampered with.

This new technology enables secure storage and management of segments of long-duration video.The technology makes it possible to extract only the desired portions of the video which for example can be used as evidence from surveillance cameras or for public disclosure, without invading privacy. Details of the new technology will be presented at the Information Processing Society of Japan’s Computer Security Group (CSEC) conference to be held in Fukuoka, Japan from July 24 to July 25.