Fujitsu Launches new LSI image-processing chip for Digital Cameras

Fujitsu Ltd has announced the release of its new LSI image-processing chip MB91680A-T, for use with cutting edge Foveon X3 image sensors and 3CCD technology, as a new addition to .The new LSI image-processing chip MB91680A-T, chip enables sharp, high-quality images to be processed in cameras in real time with low power consumption, thereby offering leading-class performance.In addition to being compatible with conventional single layer Bayer pattern image sensors, the MB91680A-T model is also compatible with the cutting-edge Foveon X3 CMOS sensor developed by US-based Foveon Inc and 3CCD technology found in high performance video cameras. This enables sharp, high-quality image processing in digital single-lens reflex cameras and other high image quality digital cameras in real-time and with low power consumption.

These features, combined with the functions found in previous models, are claimed by Fujitsu to deliver the highest performance standards in the industry. The MB91680A-T chip was developed in cooperation with Fujitsu VLSI Ltd and Fujitsu Micro Solutions Ltd.