JVC develops Worlds first 4K2K 60p Live Camera

JVC announced the development of the world’s first 4K2K 60p camera capable of 60 progressive frame live signal output and 8.29 megapixel 4K2K (3,840 horizontal x 2,160 vertical), ultra-high-resolution images -approximately four times the resolution of full HD (1,920 x 1,080).The camera’s compact head was made possible by building the processing function into a separate unit. JVC’s unique high-speed data transmission format allows the processing device to be located up to a maximum 100m (328ft) away from the camera, granting users greater freedom of movement for more active shooting.

The JVC 4K2K camera incorporates a single 1.25-inch CMOS image sensor and supports 12bit
signal processing. The 4K2K camera is compatible with external video synchronization and can work with
multiple synched cameras. JVC plans to begin marketing the 4K2K 60p camera during fiscal year 2009 and is now accepting advance orders.