Kodak C513 First Easyshare Camera with Kodak CMOS Image Sensor

The entry-level Kodak Easyshare C513 Camera is based on the new KODAK KAC-05011 CMOS image sensor, which delivers the image quality, and overall performance customers have come to expect from Kodak’s Easyshare line of digital cameras while taking advantage of the power, integration and cost benefits associated with CMOS technology. The Kodak C513 Camera is equipped with 5-megapixel resolution and a 3x optical zoom lens, and offers special features to help capture clear, bright pictures and video. Pictures captured by this camera are displayed on a bright 2.4-inch indoor/outdoor LCD screen, perfect for sharing directly with friends and family. The camera’s Digital Image Stabilization feature reduces blur caused by camera or subject movement as a still picture is being taken, and consumers can record life in motion using the video with audio capture feature and on-camera editing.

The 5.0 megapixel KODAK KAC-05011 CMOS image sensor was designed for use in the C513 camera, and provides excellent color reproduction and dynamic range with low electronic noise. The Kodak Easyshare C513 Camera measures 91.1 × 62.2 × 25.3 mm, weigh137 g and is powered by easily available 2 AA alkaline batteries. Kodak C513 Camera will be available for less than US $99 (MSRP) in August 2007.