Kodak Easyshare Z950 Digital Camera

Leading the new introductions to the Kodak Digital Camera family is the 12 MP Kodak Z950 Digital Camera with a 10X image stabilized Schneider-Kreuznach optical zoom lens that provides maximum versatility for avid photographers to easily handle both distant and close-up shots. Kodak Z950 Digital Camera incorporates Kodak’s innovative Smart Capture feature, which automatically adjusts focus, flash, and exposure for a great picture in virtually any setting.

Image quality in the new camera is enhanced by a Schneider-Kreuznach optical zoom lens with image stabilization. The precision optics of the lens integrates with the camera’s design and technology to deliver high resolution, minimum shading and low distortion. The new Kodak Easyshare Z950 Digital Camera with 32MB internal memory will retail for $279.99 MSRP from August, 2009.