LG launches videoconferencing system VR5010H in South Korea

LG today announced the launch of new videoconferencing system-VR5010H for domestic market. LG’s high-profile VR5010H videoconferencing system breaks away from the mold of complicated interactive communications to deliver a total solution offering. Everything is integrated into a single system. From a compact design to a full complement of features and technologies, the LG videoconferencing system-VR5010H delivers a vivid conferencing system to like no other. The system is equipped with the FEC (Forward Error Correction) techniques to compensate for the loss of sound quality in the control and the data communication bandwidth to the unstable network.

Dual stream The Contents Sharing feature with dual streaming allows you to synchronize people and contents screen simultaneously with far side. Contents sharing feature during streaming increases communication and productivity. The 3M camera provides high-definition video HD (1280 x 720p). All operations are easily carried out by a single remote.

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