Light LUNATEMIS LED lights 56 flash can be used for 150 minutes at full output as a bright light source

The Light LUNATEMIS LED lights 56 flash uses 56 LED, s as light source. The LED flash can be used with movie/still cameras simply by attaching to the camera’s hot shoe. Brightness can be adjusted steplessly. The flash used three AA batteries for power. The LED flash uses less power and generates very minimal heat. Fresh set of battery can be used continuously for about 150 minutes at maximum brightness setting. Technical aspects of the flash are as follows-5,600 K color temperature, Illuminance of about 2,100 Lx (/ 50cm center)and shooting angle of about 40 degrees.

The Light LUNATEMIS LED lights 56 flash measures 105 × 104 × 43mm and weighs 133g (without batteries). The flash comes with Matt, Amber and purple filter and is available in Japan for approximately 4,980 yen ($65).