Mitsubishi Electric announces new digital high performance video surveillance system

Mitsubishi Electric will unveil in June a new digital video surveillance system offering high performance, versatility and scalability for diverse security applications. The system records at 30 frames per second in Full HD (2.0M pixels) resolution from 16 cameras used in parallel, with compensation provided by Mitsubishi Electric’s own super-resolution technology, including for electronic zoom. The Mitsubishi Electric 7000 series network cameras come with new digital sensitization and backlit compensation technologies for sharper, clearer images. Digital sensitization suppresses after-images and blur for fast-moving objects in low-light conditions, providing eight times greater sensitivity than conventional model.

The Mitsubishi Electric 5000 series network video recorder can be connectable to up to 32 cameras (16 directly and another 16 through a hub). Reliable extended-duration recording is possible thanks to the use of large-capacity redundant HDDs. Remote monitoring is possible via PCs, smartphones or tablets for greater flexibility according to surveillance needs. Compared to Mitsubishi Electric’s existing network recorders, the 5000 series network recorder uses 25% less electricity and requires 30% less space for installation.

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