Nidec Copal Develops World’s Smallest, Thinnest and Lightweight Camera Module for Mobile Devices

Nidec Copal, world’s leading manufacturer of photographic shutters has developed the world’s smallest, thinnest and most lightweight camera modules for mobile devices. The camera module measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 4.2mm and about 0.57g, respectively. The new camera module is about half that of Nidec Copal’s previous module. For the camera module, a 16-Mpixel CMOS image sensor with an optical size of 1/3.1 inch and a pixel pitch of 1.0μm was employed. Its focal length and maximum aperture are 3.6mm and 1.9, respectively.

copal_shutterThe module has an autofocus function. Its photographing range is from 10cm to INF (infinite). Nidec Copal plans to start volume production in the fall of 2016. The Nidec Copal, or Copal, is a Japanese manufacturer of optical, electronic and mechanical equipment, primarily for the photographic industry. It has been a subsidiary of Nidec Corporation since 1998, and was formerly known as the Copal Corporation. The company began operation in 1946, with small-scale production of photographic shutters; these are still one of the company’s best-known products.

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