Nikon announces a new ultra-compact smart camera LuFact A2000

Nikon today announced the launch of the ultra-compact LuFact smart industrial camera, which utilizes edge AI computing to increase the speed and accuracy of object inspection without the need for a computer connection. The Nikon industrial camera LuFact 2000 is an easily installed ultra-compact camera ideal for manufacturing process inspection and independent judgment on the presence or absence of a target object, positional deviation, and process recording applications. Independent edge AI processing of inspection results enables the elimination of computers at the inspection site.

The Nikon LuFact series of industrial cameras were born from Nikon’s unique image processing technology accumulated over its long history as a leading supplier of digital cameras. Separating the AI processing unit from the camera head enables an ultra-compact, lightweight design that offers unprecedented installation freedom for existing equipment, production lines, and robot arms. LuFact 2000 joins the LuFact A1000, released in July this year, which is used in combination with a computer and digital input/output device.

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The LuFact A2000 utilizes LuFact A2000-G AI processing unit and is used in combination with the LuFact series of camera heads. In addition to the functions of the LuFact A1000, the LuFact A2000-G is an edge AI computing smart camera equipped with a CPU and a dedicated processor. edge AI enables independent judgment and processing of inspection data directly at the equipment side, which reduces the amount of data sent to the server, thereby reducing the load on the transmission equipment and server, which reduces power consumption.

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Improve inspection speed and accuracy through systemization by connecting the LuFact A2000 to the cloud or server to enable processing on the camera (edge AI) and cloud/server sides. Edge AI processing extracts and transfers only necessary data to the cloud or server, thereby reducing server load and power consumption. The Nikon LuFact series offers a wide range of options that enable our customers to optimize their system configuration according to the shooting target and application.