Nikon announces Aculon T11 binoculars – successor to the highly-acclaimed Eagleview Zoom model

Nikon Vision, a subsidiary of Nikon today announced the release of its AculonT11 compact zoom binoculars, the successor of the highly-acclaimed Eagleview Zoom model. Since their release in 2004, Eagleview Zoom.binoculars have consistently received excellent evaluations from users, particularly for their easy-to-use zooming function and turn-and-slide rubber eyecups. Inheriting all these user-friendly features, Aculon T11 features even better optical performance as all prisms and lenses have multilayer-coating for brighter and clearer images.

The sleek, lightweight body fits comfortably into the hand and is easy to use in a variety of situations, such as spectator sports, open-air concerts and when traveling. Three body colors—black, silver and red—are available to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. The name Aculon is a combination of the words accuracy and precision. Befitting its name, Aculon is expected to fit easily into the users’ lifestyle and inspire them to rediscover a sense of wonder in everyday life.

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One response to “Nikon announces Aculon T11 binoculars – successor to the highly-acclaimed Eagleview Zoom model”

  1. If you previously owned a pair of eagle views ive field tested the new nikon aculon t11 alongside the eagleviews my results were the new aculons were of a much higher standard most noticeable change is the better clarity on the aculons at 8 magnifacation still a pretty good field of view at 4.6 which equates to 80 metres view at a thousand metres viewing distance be aware however that as you increase the zoom two things happen the field of view narrows there is more light drawn down on the lenses so viewing will be slighty more difficult also at 24 magnifacation you will need a steady hand but overall performance i rate them 2 points better than than the eagleview giving them a 9 from 10 but because of the lightweigh there very versatile around 300g s i believe a third of the weight of a full size pair of zoom nikon which i have in my arsenal of binoculars im an avid user of binos also a big fan of nikon zooms so i would say buy these you ll not be sorry thats my intense review done so take care folks happy viewing matrix