Nikon announces completion of Eyes of Nikon- a collection of images by photographers’ active the world over

Nikon is pleased to announce the completion of Eyes of Nikon,published by D.D.WAVE Co, a collection of images by photographers’ active the world over, as part of activities commemorating the 80th anniversary of NIKKOR photographic lenses. Eyes of Nikon will feature images in which the unique characteristics of individual lenses are maximized by distinguished photographers, as well as explanations of NIKKOR lenses by developers themselves with the history, background, intent, and technologies behind the design and development of those lenses.

At the same time, “Masters of the Light”, a collection of artistic images photographed with digital cameras and lenses, and created with the full cooperation of Nikon, will be available around the world through D.D.WAVE Co., Ltd. Based on the theme, “ART meets TECHNOLOGY makes HISTORY”, the international photographers contributing to these two photo collections have aimed for the ultimate in photo quality and made the most of NIKKOR lens technologies cultivated over the past 80 years to express the world of photographic art. All images in the two collections were captured using Nikon cameras and lenses.
Throughout its long history of developing and utilizing optical and other advanced technologies for use in the development and manufacture of cameras and lenses, Nikon has proposed many ways to enjoy photography. Nikon will continue offering varying lenses that will further enhance the reliable quality of our cameras equipped with new technologies.
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