Nikon announces new Monarch Fieldscopes with Hybrid Body System

Nikon today announced the release of its new Monarch Fieldscopes which employ the Hybrid Body System. The optical system of Fieldscopes designed for observation has been used for digiscoping up to now. The new Monarch Fieldscopes break fresh ground with an optical system that achieves both observation and detailed digiscoping. This is made possible through the Hybrid Body System. With the completely redesigned optical system and body structure, the user can freely choose the preferred combination of objective lens unit, prism unit (straight or angled) and eyepiece.

Even more impressive is the realisation of higher-definition prime focus shooting through the direct connection, without going through the prism unit, of the desired attachment to the Fieldscope body. The new Nikon Monarch Fieldscopes are true heirs to the widely acclaimed Monarch brand which has gained tremendous popularity among birdwatchers and nature observation lovers. As a brand that consistently delivers highly reliable performance, Nikon remains committed to the further expansion of its attractive Monarch lineup that meets the needs of various users around the world.

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