Nikon brand story The DAY is based on the concept of capture the light of imagination

Nikon today released its second movie, The DAY, telling the story of the Nikon brand. This is the second series following Tears, released on September last year, which captured the human’s ultimate emotion, Tears. The DAY is based on the concept of capture the light of imagination. This is a story of a day full of discoveries and the day shows the many special moments that touch people’s hearts. It expresses the fun of manipulating light with Nikon digital cameras and Nikkor lenses, which have always led the times. It incorporates various scenes, such as a grand landscape created by the morning sun, a vibrant flower found while out on a walk, the natural smile of a child, wonderful photographs that can be captured by simply changing composition and angle, and dreamlike expressions that can be created by utilizing diffused reflections of light and back light.

Regardless of the age, Nikon is constantly striving to use its optical technologies to expand shooting possibilities to enable capture of scenes and subjects that were previously impossible. This year, Nikon celebrates the 80th anniversary of its Nikkor lenses, which represent the culmination of these optical technologies. The optical technologies Nikon has developed and cultivated over its long history have always formed the foundation for Nikkor lenses.

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