Nikon introduces the Digital Sight 10 Microscope Camera

Nikon today announced the release of the Digital Sight 10 Microscope Camera, which enables acquisition of both color and monochrome images with a resolution of 6K pixels across a large field of view using a single camera. In life science research, there is a growing demand for digital microscope cameras able to acquire large volumes of data and observe fine structures. To meet these needs, Nikon has developed the Digital Sight 10 Microscope Camera with a large field of view of 25 mm, which is optimized for microscope imaging by adopting CMOS image sensors in the Nikon FX format.

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The Nikon Digital Sight 10 is equipped with a color and monochrome mode switching function, making it capable of capturing both color and monochrome images with one unit. By combining this camera with NIS-Elements imaging software (sold separately), images can be acquired, displayed, and analyzed, and it can be used for a wide range of applications, including pathological diagnosis and drug discovery research.

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High-resolution 6K images (6000 x 3984 pixels) can be acquired up to the periphery of the field of view, making it ideal for localization analysis and microstructure observation. In addition, live display of dynamic specimens is possible at high speeds of 9 fps (6000 x 3984 pixels) and 66 fps (1920 x 1080 pixels), so precise focusing can be performed comfortably without stress.