Nikon announces High-definition Color Camera Head DS-Fi2 and Standalone Camera Control Unit DS-L3

Nikon today announced the release on November 1, 2011 of new digital imaging products for microscopy. These are the DS-Fi2 high-definition color camera head and the DS-L3 standalone control unit. Digital cameras for microscopy require high color reproducibility to display images as seen through the microscope and they must be easy to use. The Nikon High-definition color camera head DS-Fi2 features greatly improved video performance, with high-definition 5M pixel camera. The newly developed CCD control circuit significantly increases the frame rate from the current 12 fps to 21 fps (Display mode: 1280 x 960 pixels). You can focus and comfortably search for a region to observe in your sample without any stress.

The Standalone control unit concept PC-less, standalone has been well accepted since its introduction, providing ease of use with space-saving design. Anyone can capture microscopy images easily by clicking icons displayed on the monitor. The Nikon DS-L3 with 8.4 inch TFT LCD display with touch panel function can also be used to control the Eclipse Ni-E and Ci-E biological research microscopes that will be released on September 1, 2011. It plays three roles: controls the camera, displays images, controls the microscope; and it saves you space.