Nikon announces the Nikon 1 brand

Nikon today announced its new Nikon 1 brand, an Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens that proposes new forms of imaging expression and enjoyment. The new Nikon 1 brand joins existing Nikon D-series digital-SLR cameras and the COOLPIX brand of compact digital cameras as the third brand in Nikon’s digital camera arsenal. Nikon 1 is an innovative digital camera system that significantly alters common conception regarding digital camera imaging expression and incorporates functions that offer high added value. The name for this new system, Nikon 1, came from the idea of developing a completely new camera system that would be a leader in the digital age by starting from nothing, or “0”, and giving birth to “1”.

“Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens” is the name of the new Nikon 1 digital camera system category of cameras. The new Nikon 1 brand of cameras falls into a category that Nikon calls “a Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens”. Nikon will celebrate its 95th anniversary next year, and is extremely proud of its record of having utilized its optical technologies in the development of many innovative products over nearly a century. The first step in this process will be the development and expansion of Nikon 1 cameras, a new type of camera that creates new imaging possibilities never before considered with conventional compact digital cameras or digital-SLR cameras.