Nikon SMZ745T-a trinocular stereo microscope with 7.5x zoom magnification

nikon_microscope.jpgThe new Nikon SMZ745T-a trinocular stereo microscope with a zoom magnification of 7.5x is suited for digital imaging. By optimizing the design of the Greenough optical system, Nikon has realized an impressive 7.5x zoom, the highest in its class. The total magnification range is 3.35x to 300x.The adoption of the new total reflection prism has resulted in bright, high-contrast images. The zoom body is equipped with a camera port (trinocular type) and a built-in 0.55x C-mount adapter. This permits direct mounting of any Nikon DS Series Digital Camera and simplifies the process of digital imaging, image capture and monitor observations.

The anti-mold design in the interior of the zoom body allows the microscope to be used in environments where temperature and humidity are high. The Nikon SMZ745T is affordably priced and has a trinocular eyepiece tube that is suited for digital image acquisition. The newly developed SMZ745T is a strong addition to the Nikon stereo zoom microscope lineup. Nikon SMZ745T-a trinocular stereo microscope will be available from July 30th