Olympus camera can shoot Omnidirectional Video Images in Full HD

The prototype camera and projector from Future Creation Laboratory of Olympus Corp can shoot video images with horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 360 and 50°, respectively, in 1080i full-HD resolution. The projector can project the images shot with this camera. The prototype camera and projector is based on Olympus’ proprietary “axisymmetric free-form-surface lens” unveiled in July 2007, and have enhanced resolution and widen viewing angles. The lens had 760 scanning lines and a vertical viewing angle of 45° when it was first announced in July. The lens shaped like a top with a diameter of about 6cm is made of plastic and can form omnidirectional images (horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 360 and 50°, respectively) on a plane surface in an annular manner, or project annular images on an omnidirectional surface.

When a projector equipped with imaging optics, such as this lens, is combined with a cylindrical screen, viewers can enjoy content that is only possible with the use of an omnidirectional device. When installed on the ceiling, a camera equipped with this optical system could be used as a security camera capable of monitoring in every direction.