Olympus FL-BK04 Flash Bracket and FL-BKM03 Twin Flash Bracket for professional photographers

Olympus today announced the launch of the FL-BK04 Flash Bracket and FL-BKM03 Twin Flash Bracket. A flash bracket is the support device used to mount an external flash on the side of a camera. It is usually used by professional photographers and camera buffs in such applications as news gathering, portrait shooting or macro shooting, in order to avoid unnatural shadows which may appear in the photograph when the external flash is mounted on top of the camera, or to prevent the flash itself or flash attachment from being damaged due to the contact. Both the newly released Olympus FL-BK04 Flash Bracket and Olympus FL-BKM03 Twin Flash Bracket are designed so that they do not interfere with the dual-axis LCD monitor, ensuring that the user will be able to continue to enjoy free-angle Live View shooting.

Flash Bracket_b.jpg
These new accessories for the Olympus E-System digital SLR cameras are scheduled to be released in April, 2009.