Panasonic develops Industry’s Largest Glass-molded Aspheric Lens measuring 75 mm in diameter

Panasonic today announced that it has developed the industry’s largest glass-molded aspheric lens measuring 75 mm in diameter that can be used for interchangeable lenses for cameras and projectors whose size and resolution have been increasingly reduced and enhanced, respectively. Interchangeable lenses for cameras and projectors are required to be small with a high resolution, in addition to conforming to the trend of having a large diameter and wide angle. There have been growing needs for large-diameter aspheric lenses that help reduce the number of parts involved. Panasonic have developed the industry’s largest glass-molded aspheric lens/mirror with a diameter of 75 mm by taking full advantage of their engineering capabilities and production expertise that have been refined through development and production of LUMIX digital cameras and other products.

Panasonic have also established mass production technology for preventing cloudiness and cracks and for maintaining shape precision in the process of molding large-diameter lenses. This lens enables a reduction in the number of parts by about 25% compared with comparable conventional products. The lens has been used in ET-D75LE90, an optional lens commercialized in November 2014 for our ultra-high-brightness projectors, to achieve short-throw wide-angle projection. The shipping of samples of this large-diameter aspheric lens from Panasonic will start from February 13, 2015.

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