Panasonic North America launches a new social community for Hybrid Photographers- LUMIX Luminary Lounge

Panasonic North America recently launched a new social community for Hybrid Photographers, the LUMIX Luminary Lounge. Users who join the community through various social media channels have the opportunity to interact with the LUMIX Luminary Photographers, a group of photography professionals and enthusiasts selected by Panasonic as ambassadors for the brand. To kick things off, the LUMIX Luminary Team has created the “GX7 Change your Perspective Tour” to promote Hybrid Photography, the combination of photos, video and audio, to Panasonic dealers throughout the USA.

As ambassadors for the LUMIX G brand, the LUMIX Luminary Team will begin their journey in Chicago armed with the latest LUMIX Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera, the DMC-GX7. The tour will be documented on the LUMIX Luminary Lounge, with frequent postings of Hybrid and Still imagery and interaction with fans through tweets.

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