Panasonic DMC-LS80

The new Panasonic 8.1-megapixel DMC-LS80 packages a superb LUMIX DC VARIO lens with 3x optical zoom (35mm film camera equivalent: 33-100mm) into a compact body. In 3-megapixel resolution mode, the Extra Optical Zoom function provides additional magnification, extending the zoom power to 4.8x by using the centre part of the CCD.The Panasonic DMC-LS80 incorporates an easy-to-see 2.5-inch large Intelligent LCD for comfortable viewing during both shooting and playback. The resolution has been doubled compared to the predecessor DMC-LS75, to boast 230,000-dot high resolution. The Intelligent LCD function detects the light condition and automatically boosts the LCD backlighting by max. 40% when shooting outdoors under bright sunlight and boosts signals by the pixel-mixed readout method when shooting under low-lit conditions. Detecting the lighting condition precisely and automatically controls the brightness at a total of 12 fine steps; this function offers the display with best appropriate clarity in any situations without using extra energy. A total of 20 scene modes assist you to take more beautiful picture in wide range of situations. Around 24 MB of internal memory is built-in to back up the SDHC/SD Memory Card recording and copying.

The Panasonic DMC-LS80 runs on two AA[LR6] batteries, which are easily available anywhere so that you don’t have to worry about battery life wherever you go. The DMC-LS80 shoots 180 images with included Alkaline batteries and 470 images with optional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (Typical capacity: 2600mAh / Minimum capacity: 2450mAh).