Point Grey expands world’s smallest GigE POE Camera Family

Point Grey today announced the addition of two new Blackfly models to the value-packed, GigE POE camera family – the smallest POE camera line in the world. The two new models feature global shutter CCD sensors with excellent quantum efficiency and dynamic range. The CCD image sensors for superb image quality”>Point Grey BFLY-PGE-05S2 model uses the ICX693 SuperHAD CCD II sensor from Sony, and supports 808 x 608 resolution at 50 fps. The sensor uses a 6 um square pixel with excellent well depth and signal-to-noise ratio with similar performance to the ICX424 device, a very popular sensor in factory automation.

The BFLY-PGE-09S2 uses the ICX692 EXview HAD CCD II from Sony and supports 1288 x 728 resolution at 30 fps. The sensor provides low read noise, quantum efficiency near 70%, and excellent near infrared response. With their unique combination of sensors, 29 x 29 x 30 mm enclosure size, GigE interface, and feature set, the new Blackfly models are perfectly suited for factory automation and analog camera replacement. The Blackfly can provide cost savings of up to 40% over competing products with similar resolutions and interfaces. The BFLY-PGE-05S2 (1/3-inch 0.5 MP 50 FPS) is list priced at $345 and the BFLY-PGE-09S2 (1/3 inch 0.9 MP 30 FPS) is listed priced at $375 – both are available to order now from Point Grey.

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