Polariod 5 megapixel a520 digital camera

Polaroid Japan has today announced an entry level pocketable five megapixel “a520” digital camera. First-time digital camera users will appreciate the Polaroid a520 camera’s simple operations. Individual buttons for shooting, reviewing and deleting images are placed on the body of the camera in such a way that frequently used functions can be easily accessed. The fixed lens a520 is missing an optical viewfinder but has a 2-inch LCD screen for composition .With 4x digital zoom, movie recording and 16 MB built in memory, a520 is best suitable for first-time digital camera buyers. The camera uses SD memory card (up to 1GB capacity) for recording.

The a520 has a durable, lightweight body and compact size of just 94×60×21mm and light weight 95g. The a520 fits comfortably in your hand and in your pocket, demonstrating that elegant design can be found at an affordable price of 10000 yen ($85) from October.
Via Polaroid (Japanese)

3 responses to “Polariod 5 megapixel a520 digital camera”

  1. The camera’s flash makes peoples faces white and it takes about a minute for the picture to come up other then that the camera is ok. i’d give it at 3 out of 5. also the price is right.

  2. I received a Polaroid A520 and want to know what to use to remove the adhesive from the view screen that has the sticker. It shows a lady with a baby. I don’t want to damage anything. What should I use?