Samsung Launches Industry’s First 28-Megapixel APS-C CMOS Image Sensor for Digital Cameras

28-megapixel-aps-c-cmos-image-sensor_SamsungSamsung announced its new 28 megapixel (MP) APS-C CMOS image sensor for digital cameras. Currently in mass production, the new S5KVB2 is designed into Samsung’s new compact system camera, the NX1, and is being showcased along with the camera at Photokina 2014 held in Cologne, Germany. Utilizing Samsung’s advanced BSI pixel technology, the new S5KVB2 sensor offers superior light absorption.By using 65-nanometer (nm) low-power copper process as well as fine design technology, this new imager satisfies the requirements for power efficiency and noiseless high quality imaging in high-end compact system camera formats.

The new Samsung 28 megapixel (MP) APS-C CMOS image sensor S5KVB2 for digital cameras is the industry’s first APS-C sensor to adopt back-side illuminated (BSI) pixel technology. The BSI structure moves the metal layers to the rear side of the photodiode to reduce the loss of light. Applying BSI pixels, Samsung’s newest imager improves the light sensitivity of each pixel and increases light absorption in peripheral areas by approximately 30 percent, resulting in crisper, sharper images compared to a conventional front-side illumination (FSI) pixel-based imager. By moving the position of the photo diode, the sensor’s metal wiring layout is better optimized for faster continuous speed. As a result, the S5KVB2 offers 30fps video recording at Ultra HD resolution, being capable of delivering ultimate video quality on a camera. Through the advanced fabrication process and IC design, the S5KVB2 also decreases random noise significantly.

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