Samsung i80 digital camera with 3” Wide Intelligent LCD Screen

The unique and simple slide-open design disguises the sophistication of the feature-packed 8.2 Mega pixels i80 from Samsung. With an eye-opening 3” Wide Intelligent LCD Screen, 3x optical zoom and a personal multimedia player, MP3 player with SRS sound effects, a World Tour Guide, a Text Viewer and an Advanced Movie capability, the Samsung i80 is as fun to use as it is to look at. Samsung i80 with Intelligent LCD function enables more effective utilization of high quality LCD. It automatically recognizes the surrounding environment to make LCD brighter in dark surroundings and darker in bright environments to users. No manual adjustment needed as Samsung i80 camera automatically changes the brightness level according to the surrounding environment.

Ultra high quality video recording is enabled by supporting 3x optical zoom, SVGA resolution at 800 X 592, and 20fps. Utilizing the efficient codec MPEG-4, continuous video for up to maximum 2 hours can be stored.
Samsung i80 with 40MB internal memory measures 90 x 62 x 21.6 mm and weigh 157g (without battery and card).