Samsung NV100HD 14.7 megapixels 28mm wide angle digital camera

samsung_nv_100hd.jpgThanks to a 14.7 megapixel resolution and a 28mm wide-angle Schneider lens with a 3.6x optical zoom, the Samsung NV100HD guarantees sharp, clear and detailed images with every shot. Currently the most sophisticated point-and-shoot digital camera in the Samsung portfolio, the NV100HD boasts high-definition 720p video function and Dual Image Stabilization. The high resolution 3-inch hVGA LCD screen delivers unbelievably clear image quality with 460,000 pixels. Plus, the drastically improved anti-reflection coating allows for perfect image display quality, even under the sunlight. Complementing the LCD screen is Samsung’s Smart Touch 2.0 technology, which is a convenient and enjoyable way to interact with the camera’s dynamic features and advanced controls—all with a gentle touch of your finger.

Measuring at a mere 94.9 x 59.5 x 19.9 mm, this pocket-sized Samsung NV100HD camera can go wherever you do without the inconveniences that come with other larger cameras. Available in all-black, or silver with a red accent adding to the camera’s elegance, your camera takes design to a whole new level.