Samsung NV40 digital camera with Schneider 3x optical zoom lens

The Samsung NV40 is the second generation of Samsung’s NV series and boasts an ultra-light weight with a slim body. The NV40 with 10.5 megapixel resolutions and the newly designed 3x optical zoom (37-111 mm at 35 mm) supports rich expression of pictures. World’s top class Schneider lens completely prevents all chromatic aberration and distortion that occur with lens. The Samsung NV40 is
equipped with an exclusive technology developed by Samsung called the Dream Engine.The camera shoots high resolution pictures quickly and clearly and display them accurately on the 6.4cm (2.5 inch) 230,000 pixel high clarity Intelligent TFT LCD.
With Samsung NV40 it is possible to take pictures in dark places without shakiness. The camera uses optical image stabilization (OIS) and Samsung`s exclusive digital image stabilization (DIS) at the same time so that clear images can be shot in any situation. Samsung NV40 provide a Face Detection feature for optimal portrait shooting and an ACB (Auto Contrast Blance) feature that automatically adjusts to the subject’s brightness, delivering the best quality even in environments where shooting is difficult.

The NV40 camera incorporates an auto macro and micro modifying function which avoids the need to switch to micro-shooting when in macro mode. In wide mode, the range is from 5 cm to infinity, and in tele mode, 50 cm to infinity. The ultra-light weight Samsung NV40 with a slim body (94.5x59x18.8mm) weighs 133g.