Samsung SNC-570- High Performance WDR Network Camera

The Samsung SNC-570 is the newest edition of Samsung Techwin’s network ready feature-rich camera using the latest SV-IV DSP chipset and the advanced network codec chipset allowing for high quality images and multiple network capabilities at the same time. It supports MPEG-4 and JPEG dual codec capability and de-interlacing feature, and SD memory card slot for event data recording, and back up. The Samsung SNC-570 ensures users to enjoy real-time video monitoring at any circumstances with the excellent 2 codec and 6 transcoder streaming solution.

The SNC-570 offers both Dual voltage plus Power over Ethernet capability making it easy to install for user. The camera is shipped with a factory default IP address of This means that all you need to do is connect the camera, log in via a browser to the address, and sign in to the camera. It is then possible to change the network details as required.