Samsung SPD-1000 stylish dome camera

The Samsung SPD-1000 is an interior speed dome camera that is customized to suit indoor conditions and spaces while providing outstanding function. Equipped with a 10X optical A/F zoom lens, the new SPD-1000 lets users zoom in with accurate focusing, and it provides up to 100X zoom capability with vivid images. The SPD-1000 lets users specify up to 128 preset settings for automatic monitoring of a designated area. In particular, you can customize the monitoring to suit large areas by setting the conditions for different sectors with the multi-language OSD, or grouping up to 6 areas for effective surveillance. If the subject in motion is moving behind the camera, the digital flip function allows an immediate automatic 180¢ª turn for improved tracking.

With its high-performance CCD image sensor and unique DSP chipset, the camera gives you a high resolution of 520TV lines and an ultra low light sensitivity of 0.005Lux. A 10X interior speed dome with smart and stylish monitoring, the Samsung SPD-1000 provides easy installation without complicated cabling for a range of locations, including: department stores, discount stores, museums, galleries and lobbies making the camera the right choice for 24-hour always-on surveillance.